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Solid Carbide Tooling is a leading cutting tool production company that produces solid carbide tools for the metalworking industry. Our product range contains a large variety of standard tools. In addition, we develop, engineer and manufacture special tools according to our customer’s needs.

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We optimise
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Quality and Innovation are the driving forces behind our development and production process. Our mission is to optimise your production processes with our tools. We therefore offer the best possible solution for your specific business application.

Our quality products are technically supported to maximize the usability of our tools and achieve extensive tool life. All products are available from stock and, because of our fine logistic organization, we can supply our products shortly after receipt of order.

Lean and clean

SCT’s production site provides a lean, clean and bright work environment for it employees.

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Our team

The foundation of SCT Tools goes back more than 50 years. Originating from a regrinding and special tool production company, SCT Tools had been given the ideal background to develop a range of standardized solid carbide cutters.

After its independence in 2003, SCT Tools has step by step expanded its manufacturing facility, eventually becoming the automated modern facility it is today. Incorporation of the latest production technologies over the past years has made it possible to develop a comprehensive range of solid carbide cutters.

The above mentioned could not have been implemented successfully without the presence and contribution of the SCT Tools team. Each individual team member has been contributing to the development of SCT Tools.

Over the years, the SCT Tools team has been expanded with esteemed colleagues active in different departments. Whether it’s production, sales, purchase, logistics or finance, each individual SCT Tools colleague is a part of the construction which makes the company what it is today.


Solid carbide end mills and drills are used in the metal working industry for machining a wide variety of materials such as steels, stainless steels, heat resistant alloys and non ferrous alloys. SCT Tools is a leading cutting tool manufacturer presenting a wide range of tools, covering the needs that each specific industry requires. Contact us by sending an e-mail to info@sct-tools.com or by calling +31 13 531 00 80 for support.

Our Catalog

Selecting the right tool has never been easier. Tools are grouped by material they are suited for and sorted by geometry and associated application.