Unrivaled performance

Our Production

SCT Tools’ high tech production facility generates an incredible tool output through advanced automation, engineered and operated by our SCT team of highly experienced craftsmen.

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Unrivaled performance

High tech production

To become and remain a leader in the cutting industry, an unrivaled level of tool quality is required. Achieving the aforementioned quality can only be done when each and every machine in the production process delivers superb quality.

Quality and precision

Level of tool quality

All the machines in the SCT Tools machine park are top models, selected from well-known European machine manufacturers. For each individual production step, ranging from grinding to clamping and measuring, SCT Tools has implemented the most modern, high-quality machines known in the cutting tool production industry.

Unrivaled performance

Tech development

With every good product it matters who’s behind it. Over the years, SCT has gathered an esteemed team of engineers to develop, engineer and implement the tools that are produced at our facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

SCT Tools’ highly skilled engineers have been following the developments in the market, making sure SCT tools are produced to meet the demands that arise from evolving as well as new applications. Combining the latest technological developments with their many years of experience, our engineers bring you the well-known distinct SCT geometries. Outstanding performance, made by craftsmen.

'Clean room'

SCT’s production site provides a lean, clean and bright work environment for its employees. In the past, metalworking companies would look dark and dirty. Visit our plant and experience yourself that our production looks like a clean room.

Our products

A wide range of high quality, innovative solid carbide cutting tools, developed and engineered in-house for the most advanced applications found in the metalworking industry. Unrivaled performance in standard solid carbide tools, manufactured in Tilburg,
the Netherlands.