SCT Eco Plan

By reconditioning your used tools, we reduce waste and allow you to use the same tool for up to three times more with our SEP-plan.

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In a time where tooling costs weigh heavy on production, and cost per component (CPC) is the most important factor to measure productivity, the SCT Eco Plan allows manufacturing companies to save on cutting tools by using the same tool for up
to three times more.

With the SCT Eco Plan tools are reconditioned and brought back to the original SCT geometry and coating to ensure exactly the same performance as you receive from a new tool.


Sustainability is a big part of the SCT Tools company philosophy. By participating in the SCT Eco Plan, our partners propagate the same sustainable philosophy. Instead of creating waste from a used tool, the tool is brought back into the production process.

Being able to use the same tool for up to three times more, we make best use of raw materials and postpone making waste out of them. SCT Eco Plan: an ecological and economical step towards sustainable development

Care free service

Nowadays, sustainability plays an important part in society, both privately and in business operations. However, very often, the implementation of sustainability in company processes comes last due to the lack of insight on the return on investment (ROI) and the effort to be put into the adaptation.

SCT Eco Plan, however, offers a care-free service with an instant return on investment. Plastic containers, containing foam inlays to put the tools into, are free of charge being sent to you or your partners. Fill up the box with stump carbide tools, and SCT Tools arranges the pick-up for the so called SEP-box.

After reconditioning, the SEP-box, containing near to new tools, will be sent back to the desired location. SCT Eco Plan: sustainability achieved through a care-free SCT Tools service.

The procedure

If you want to participate in the SEP program, a step-by-step manual can be downloaded for your convenience. If you follow the steps in the manual, we guarantee you an easy route to
as good as new tools.

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