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Cutting tools

Welcome to SCT Tools, where we specialize in top-quality cutting tools, designed for superior performance and durability. Our extensive range of tools ensures the right fit for any job you have at hand. Whether you’re dealing with metal metals such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum, our cutting tools are built to deliver precision and longevity for every material.

Our cutting tools

High performance end mills and drills for the metalworking industry, covering every application and material to be machined. Each individual material group contains the optimum tooling selection for your cutting tool needs. We offer different cutting tools for multiple material groups.


End mills

Solid carbide end mills are essential tools in the manufacturing and metalworking sectors, used for milling operations like cutting, shaping, and finishing various materials. These end mills are constructed entirely from carbide, offering advantages such as high cutting speeds, excellent finish quality and prolonged tool life under challenging conditions. SCT Tools offers an extensive selection of solid carbide end mills, designed to meet the diverse needs of precision machining, from general purpose to specialized high-performance applications. Discover our collection of high-quality end mills, which includes everything from micro end mills to carbide drills.


Solid carbide drills are precision cutting tools designed to create cylindrical holes in a variety of materials, including metals. They are made entirely from carbide, a material known for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance and ability to retain sharpness, making these drills highly efficient and durable for industrial drilling applications. We are specialized in providing a comprehensive range of solid carbide drills, catering to the specific needs of industries looking for high-quality, reliable drilling solutions. We own a wide range of drills. Each drill is designed to maximize drilling performance and protect your workpiece, ensuring an accurate and straight hole every time.

Tooling with precision and quality

We understand the importance of edge quality in cutting tools. Our selection of tools is specially built for cutting different materials, with specific flute geometries and superb cutting edge quality, ensuring a smooth, clean cut in every material. We cater to every need. Each tool is crafted with precision and quality in mind, ensuring a job well done every time.

Our production

To become and remain a leader in the cutting industry, an unrivaled level of tool quality is required. Achieving the aforementioned quality can only be done when each and every machine in the production process delivers superb quality.

Our cutting tool Catalog

The world of cutting tools is vast and complex, with every machine requiring the perfect tool for the job. Whether it’s steel, cast iron or non-ferrous metals, having the right tool can save both time and resources. Regardless of the material you’re working with or the size of your project, our catalog is designed to help you find the right tool.

The importance of tool selection

Choosing the right tool for the job isn’t just about performance; it’s about protecting your machine and the material. Tooling choices can differ depending on the metal you’re working with. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with options. Our experts are here to help you when unsure.

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We love what we do and we strive to provide cutting tools that live up to your standards of quality and precision. Contact us today and add the edge of excellence to your craft.