A tool for every material

The most indispensable industry in the world; the metalworking industry and all its related applications. 

What is it that excites us so much, working in this field? It’s the ever-changing applications, the continuous development of materials to be machined, evolving machine capabilities as well as many other technical challenges. Not to mention, working with ambitious people who are just as ‘metal-minded’ as we are. 

All people in our business are very aware that the main challenges come from the materials to be machined and the products that the machined parts are engineered for. Nevertheless, we always continue to provide the best milling tools and strategies for our customers worldwide. Each material has its own challenges, when it comes to machining them. At SCT Tools, we have a tool for every material, no matter which challenges arise from its mechanical properties. 

The SCT Tools range

The SCT Tools solid carbide end mills are designed for the job. We offer a large and varied range for machining materials such as softer steel, tool steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, heat resistant alloys or more abrasive materials such as graphite. Through the Quickfinder you can easily find the right tool for the application in our 2022 catalog. Available at our cutting tools distributors.

When looking at the SCT Tools product range, the offer might be overwhelming. That’s why we created Quickfinder to help you select the right end mill or drill for your industry and materials. All tools are sorted per material group and can be differentiated per geometry, size or application.

Furthermore we would like to show you the possibilities of differentiating within our end mill range. It currently is one of our most favorable milling strategies: trochoidal milling. 

Trochoidal milling

Trochoidal milling, also described as wave milling or dynamic milling, is a highly efficient milling strategy. First of all trochoidal milling lowers the wear on the end mill. Second of all it causes high metal removal rates which finally allows for long tool lives. 

In the next video(s) we show you three different end mill types, suitable for trochoidal milling in three different materials.