Tool selection has never been easier

Remember those times you had to look for a tool in a big pile of books containing similar tools with all kinds of fancy names and complicated numbers? Those days are gone when you use the SCT Tools catalog 2022.

Essentially, the selection of solide carbide cutting tools starts with the material to be machined and the application which must be executed on this material. Whether or not a tool is suitable for a certain material and application is determined by its geometry and/or selection of carbide grade and coating.

The SCT Tools 2022 catalog focuses on the process described above.

Firstly, we have sorted all our cutting tools by material to be machined. For this sortation we use all the ISO-codes for material groups (P+K for steel and cast iron, H for hardened steels, M+S for stainless steels and other heat-resistant alloys, N for non-ferro materials and G for Graphite and composites) as well as a ‘Quickfinder Uni section’ for tools suitable for the machining of different materials with a single tool.

Secondly, one can find an end mill or drill for a distinct material group and application through one of the Quickfinders. The Quickfinder is a tool which helps people to select the right tool for the job. Each material group has its own Quickfinder.

Through the Quickfinder, SCT suggests certain tools for specific applications, but there is also the possibility to select a tool yourself based on the number of teeth, end face geometry, cutting length, coating and other specifications without having to worry about which product line to select or browse through a big list of article numbers.

Tool selection has never been easier!